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Why choose Bolivia

Bolivia has everything (except a marine coast ) but is more than this with its geographic natural wonders. Within your borders and the National Parks you will find between the deserts of the Altiplano and the incomparable world of the Sud Lipez; Titicaca Lake and is many ruins of the Incas and the cultures of Tiwuanaco; the andean imagines with all volcanos; the region of the Yungas is a tropical strip, Eastern bastion of the andean and above it is possible to be appreciated to the plateau of  incomparable the superior Amazonia with the thick forest, savannahs and hundreds of rivers that end to the river of the Amazonia; and the trees hoist the meadows of the Chaco; they lodge a great variety of animals. Bolivia is a true park of nature incomparable.

The history of Bolivia long and is varied, although today some of the customs without age, still are present every day in spite of to have spent many centuries. The old cultures like the Tiwuanaco, Aymara, Quechua, Guaraní and Incas have left evidence by the mountainous regions, valleys and tropical. When the Spanish colony was here, those Andean customs created a fusion of cultures, customs that bloomed in the only and exotic ways to live, this is had lost in other regions of the world. Bolivia is rich in history like also in flora and fauna.

The political situation in Bolivia has been quite stable. The democratic state has been taking root for many years, it has been growing slowly and it has helped to develop this nation that is one of most stable and safe in the hemisphere. The people of Bolivia are very friendly and affectionate people waiting for to everybody with the open arms and a smile. We loved speaking with the neighbors and making new friends.

As friendly as it is, Bolivia has more visitors than other countries that arrive from other places. For example in the U.S.A. the city of entrance is Miami and is international flights daily to La Paz and Santa Cruz of all the cities of Center America, South America and Europe. The variety options for choose is unfinishable; from Andean to Amazonia, of the Inca to the Spanish influence.

It is for these reasons that you must visit Bolivia…. so that she experiments what until now she is had lost.

La Paz, a combination of nature, culture, contrast and tradition, this the world’s highest capital, is a synthesis of culture and nature, where you find the mystic Titicaca lake the lakeside town of Copacabana and fabulous «Isla del Sol», offer trekking, relaxing and visit sacred sites. The majestic peaks of the Andes that touch the sky, tropical paradise royal range Apolobamba, off the beaten path trekking excellent climbing and abundant indigenous culture are among the attractions of this remote range.

Potosi, worth a Potosi! this phrase, in vogue in 16th century’s Europe, has it’s origins in the wealth of the «Villa Imperial» (as declared by Carlos V Spain emperor, and the fame this town enjoyed during the apex of colonial powers, visit cooperative mines, one fabulously rich, Potosi retains a wealth of colonial architecture including dozens of magnificent churches, salt flat of Uyuni, this vast salt desert encompasses some of the breakest terrain on earth, the southwest circuit, ethereal landscapes include stark, barren hills, steaming geysers basin of «Sol de Mañana», towering volcanoes as Tunupa, Licancabur and colorful flamingos filled lakes as Laguna Colorada, Laguna Verde, Laguna Celeste, Tupiza, El Sillar, Butch Cassidy & Sundance Kid route in San Vicente.

Santa Cruz, the captivating city of South America, for its peculiar architecture in its historical center, at the same time an antique and modern city, that summed to the warmth and hospitality of its habitants convert it in a touristic attraction of first category national park Noel Kempff Mercado, mysterious and wildlife rich, this is one of the world’s most beautyfull national parks jesuit missions circuit, visiting the historic and ornate jesuit mission, churches makes a great adventure.

Sucre, the city of four names the candle of liberty and the white city of the Americas, and dinosaur footprint.

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