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Real Mountain Range

3 Consecutive certifications of excellence 2015, 2016, 2017 by Tripadvisor

3 Consecutive certifications of excellence 2015, 2016, 2017 by Tripadvisor

Tour to Chacaltaya – The Highest Sky Track World

Duration : Hald Day – 2 Persons minimum

The Program Includes : Specialized Guide Bilingual – Transport

Tours daily 8:30 and 13:30, started off in the direction of Chacaltaya, located to 1 1/2 hours of La Paz, is a beautiful permanent snow mountain, where this the track of higher sky of the world, practice of this sport and where is observed surroundings beautyful the real mountain range. Also alli this located the Laboratory of Cosmic Physics of the University of San Andrés.

The snow-covered Chacaltaya this to 5300 msnm, from alli will be able to be appreciated a magnificent view panoramic of the Mountain range of the andean. It is the place indicated for the lovers of the sport in snows.

Tour to base Huayna Potosí

Duration : Departure (8:00 – 16:00) 8 hours – 2 persons minimum

Activies : Full day trekk

The Program Includes : Specialized Guide Bilingual – Transport – Lunch

Route of 1 1/2 hours until arriving at the skirts of the snow-covered hill. The Huayna Potosí of 6,088 meters is the most popular tip of Bolivia due to its height of more than 6,000 meters. Some try to scale this tip in a day, but this is almost impossible. From the Zongo Step there is a vertical ascent of 1,500 meters and from La Paz to the top there is an increase of height of 2,500 meters. Passing by the Tin Mine of Milluni. In the 4700 skirts to msnm. is the refuge of the Bolivian Andean Club to borders of the dam of Zongo, from where we will initiate a long walk of approximately 1 1/2 hours to arriving at the base of the glacier.

In the return way we will be able to appreciate flocks of Llamas and alpacas. To the return we will use box lunch.

Trekking from Andean to Yungas

Way Inca of the Takesi

Duration : Half Day – 2 persons minimum

The Program Includes: Specialized Guide Bilingual – Transport

Day 1.- La Paz – Ventilla – Choquekota – Laguna Loro Kheri. Departure the La Paz in Jeep 4×4 towards Ventilla (2 hrs.) of trip 41 km of La Paz located between the provinces Murillo (Ventilla) and Sud Yungas (Chojlla Mine). The Takesi crosses a distance of 45 km crossing the Real Mountain range of the Andean of the Takesi, to 4570 msnm the highest point of trek, as much presents spectacular panoramic and unforgettable moments to us in the mountainous part as in yungueños valleys, it presents spectacular archeological sites, with roads paved with stones during the Pre-Columbian time, maintained intact until today, similar to the Way of the Inca of Machu Picchu.

From Ventilla the long walk of 1 1/2 begins hrs. to arriving at Villa de Choquekota and to continue 3 above hill hrs. passing by the mine San Francisco, we will arrive at the passage of the 4650 summit to msnm from where a precious Vista of the snowed one of the Mururata will be observed (5860 msnm). Later we will begin to descend towards the lagoon of Kheri Parrot; a 25% of the way between the step and Villa Takesi, place of 1er Camping.

Day 2.- After the breakfast, exit in the direction of Akakapi, in this 2do Day will be descended to lower regions, tempered surrounded by giant terns and a variety by Ej. flowers Begonias, Orquideas Dwarfed, Hibiscos, etc. happening through Villa Takesi (1 hr. of Long walk) where after a brief rest we will continue of long walk during 8 hrs. and we will arrive at the house of Don Pepe in Akakapi to eat and to encamp.

This route of the Takesi, is road a paved with stones during the pre-Columbian time, great part of which still stays intact, this route is the best one conserved, this passage from the San Francisco mine to the Chojlla mine, today known with the way name of the Inca, this is united with Level the Eastern ones.

Day 3.- Akakapi – La Chojlla – Yanacachi. Departure in the direction of Chojlla, later of the breakfast and before initiating the long walk we will visit the beautiful chapel of snows. We will initiate our long walk of 7 hrs., in reduction until arriving at the population of Yanacachi, in the Yungas Tropical. In the way we will cross rio Takesi where we will be able to enjoy an pleasant bath to 5 km before arriving at Yanacachi where is the Mine of Chojlla 2280 msnm arrival to Yanacachi where we will encamp completes night.

Day 4.- After the breakfast we will approach jeep 4×4 to initiate the route from return to La Paz, in the passage we will stop in the Tamampaya Hotel for the lunch.

Way the Chorro (Way of Inca)

Duration : 4 Days – 2 persons minimum

The Program Includes : Specialized Guide Bilingual – Transport – Feeding

Day 1.- La Paz – La Cumbre – Abra Achura (Achura -Chucura). Departure of La Paz towards the Summit (2 hrs.) where the ascent began from the Christ to Abra Chucura to 4859 msnm, and we will initiate the reduction to arriving at Villa Chucura, 1 hour but under Chucura, to borders of rio, place of the first camping.

Day 2.- Achura (Chucura) – Chorro up. Early departure towards the Chorro arrives, happening through Villa Challapampa where we will cross towards the left margin of rio Huarinilla until arriving at the population of Chorro, despues of a brief rest we will cross by cable approximately to continue the reduction of 2 hours to a place of dense vegetation to 2 hours of the Chorro, to have supper to encamp.

Day 3.- Chorro up – Sandillani. After the breakfast we will walk through hills and strangled valleys passing brooks and cascades and in a point of the way we will cross a river Cascada by on a suspension bridge arriving finally at Sandillani House, an unexpected construction of Eastern type, property of Mr. Tamji Hanamura, where we will be able to encamp ours third night.

Day 4.- Casa Sandillini – Chairo – Coroico. After the breakfast, we will walk 7 km of easy reduction until arriving at chairo and will take the mobility that will transfer to us to Coroico where almozaremos before returning to La Paz.

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