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Welcome to www.bolivia-travel.com.bo!

Raul Braulio Mamani, experienced proffesional mechanic driver and English Speaking Guide since 1985 a pionner of Tourism Guide in Potosi, highly recommended by South American Handbook, Lonely Planet, Le Guide du Routard Bolivia, Dominicus Reeks, Reise know how Bolivia, Rough Guide Bolivia and others.

Andes Salt Expeditions receive the

Century International Quality Era Award

in 2006 February


Why choose Bolivia


Bolivia is the Tibet of America, country more unusual stops and of Latin America. A country with landscapes different from the wide thing from the Andean Mountain range, Western mountain range, the Altiplano, Eastern Mountain range, Valleys and the Amazonia. Bolivia presents a labyrinth of winding hills, Valleys with immense forests, Savannahs of the Amazonia and the Meseta of Parana, its regions of the zones geographics and climates with its immense Andean snow mountains, under mysterious savannahs. Bolivia also is the most traditional country of the American continent. 50% of the population are of pure indigenius blood like being quechuas, aymaras, guaranies, which maintain cultural values and systems of belief traditional.

Lonely Planet

1998 Edition
The Andean chain is wider, about 650 km, the western Mountain range is the one that separates Bolivia of Chile, has high mountains of between 5800 and 6500 m.s.n.m and several active volcanos throughout its crest. The Altiplano is rough, dry, strange and solitary a earth, except for the regions of green areas after rain. The air and the sky are incredibly clear and blue.

South American Handbook

1999 Edition
The people of Bolivia are so warm and amiable.

Danny Aebehard British


Why to travel with us


The pioneer of tourism, he is a private cooperative mines, Salt of Uyuni, Colored Lagoon, genuine instructor of adventure tourism.

Visit indigenous peoples that use tourism to support their traditional way of life.

Sustainable tourism plays in important role in the tribe’s self determination. Focus on community tourism.

Stay in lodging that puts nature, conservation and environmental protection at the forefront of their offering.


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